A special place for our youngest treasures.

Small group sizes with stable, caring teachers.

12 children up to approximately two years of age.


A dedicated place for our active toddlers.

Small group size with committed and stable teachers.

Approximately 16 children aged from approximately two years to three and a half years.


A large environment for our inquisitive preschoolers.

Ample room to explore, develop and be challenged.

Approximately 22 children from three and a half years until six years.

Bike Track

Our well established bike track is a huge addition to our outdoor programme and encourages children to extend their physical skills and practice their risk taking in a safe, fun way. Our bike track is used as an extension to the room bike tracks and is available to be used at any time during the day for our children as well as being available for our families and community.

Vegetable Garden

We have a small orchard and vegetable garden onsite where the children are encouraged to learn about growing, caring for and harvesting fruits and vegetables for use within the centre as well as maintaining our worm farm and compost. We also have a large chicken coop that allows us to care for our friendly chickens, share our food scraps with them, and them use their eggs for baking. These additional learning environments ensure that our Wondernauts children are continually learning hands on life skills.

With vast farm grounds right on our door step, our Wondernauts children are regularly getting out to explore these areas by foot or bike. Immersing ourselves in nature no matter the weather is something Wondernauts prides itself in.